What Ever Happened to the Sunday Drive?

With a triumphant return to the intertubes, your regular RUN! host dig into what the social ramifications are of cars that can drive themselves. Are self-driving cars disastrous to our family, society, and happiness?

You make the call.



Right click this link to download the mp3 file


One thought on “What Ever Happened to the Sunday Drive?

  1. I think it will be a Loooong time before self driven cars become prevalent. I will never have one. I only drive classic cars and will do so for as long as it is still legal. I don’t have a long commute through a crowded city so for me driving is an experience. Every drive is a Sunday drive.

    I’m not the norm though. Overall the Sunday drive is dead. I want to blame the cars for being boring and much more expensive to own and drive these days but the problem is deeper than that. I think really though that sort of activity is just not a priority for families these days. Sunday drives came from an era before all the crap that this show is about existed.

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