Run! 3 The hipsters at the gate are bringing their own devices

Run! Episode #3 features special guest Matthew Yeager from Colt Technology Services. The gang (Marc, Matt and Roger) join Matthew in discussing hipsters, APIs and BYOD issues including new security models for BYOD computing.

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2 thoughts on “Run! 3 The hipsters at the gate are bringing their own devices

  1. So far our users have been very accepting of MDM on personal phones and pads. We don’t enforce to the level that we do with business owned devices but we do ask them to comply with some basic policies. Everything is laid out and basically contractual between the owner of the device and the “business” (government in my case. Based on my experience so far I don’t think BYOD is very scary nor is it going to take over IT. All it takes is some well thought out policies and practices backed up with a competent bit of technology and ,most importantly, clear communication with your user base.

    The topic of “Shadow IT”, however, is far more intimidating. I haven’t quite completely figured that one out yet but I think the key is accessability. If you can make “business controlled” services as easy to use as Dropbox, for example, then I think “most” users will jump on board. That’s the trick because Enterprise IT has never been very good at “simple and easy” from the perspective of a general consumer. Once that is figured out then the fringe rebel users can be handled outside of technology with acceptable use policies and enforcement.

    In fact that’s the crux of it right there. Shadow IT is not really a technology issue at all. It’s a personnel issue. But like many personnel issues, IT is called upon to solve a human control problem with technology – with no help from the human control folks in the business. It reminds me of the requests we used to get to force account time restrictions on users so they couldn’t login and work unauthorized overtime. We eventually wised up, pushed back, and said “No. We are not going to do that. It is not the responsibility of IT to control your employees to that level.”

    Great discussion Marc – keep it up.

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