Run! episode #2: Is social media eating mass media’s lunch?

This is Run! episode #2.

The recent slutgate fiasco has put attention on the role and power of social media as an instrument of change in our world. Marc, Matt and Roger are joined by this week’s special guest, Stu Miniman, in a discussion of this fascinating topic.

There was some risk that this show was going to go down the path of discussing the politics of slutgate, but Matt pulled us away from danger to focus on the dynamics of the media instead. Roger insists that social media is another form of mass media and Marc and Matt seem to think it’s different. Stu – hoping to avoid politics – manages to go unscathed.



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4 thoughts on “Run! episode #2: Is social media eating mass media’s lunch?

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  2. Also wanted to say… I think mass media is radically different than social media. They are both massive, as everyone agreed, but they are not the same. It’s all about delivery and participation. Mass media is an institution delivering media to the masses. Social media is the masses publicly collaborating on a global scale. They can reference each other and gain value by working together in specific ways but they are not the same. I’d also argue that today TV still has far more power than Social media overall. There have been events in recent history where this has not been the case (Egypt for example) but over all we are still a TV nation/world. This may change over time but not yet.

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