Run 1: Google privacy and social workin’

Welcome to run! This is the first episode, featuring special guest, Sean Thulin (@sthulin)

Google’s new privacy policies are front and center as Roger expresses concerns about the potential for future administrations and governments to access information that people would expect to be never be snooped. Matt thinks Roger is a bit paranoid and sees it as an advantage to have all the security information available, consistently across all Google’s apps. Sean explains what individuals can do to protect their privacy with Google.

Then the discussion turned to plying social media skills for work.  Matt is starting a new job at EMC working with the social media team.  Marc has been making his living with social media since he went to work for EqualLogic six years ago. Roger has no choice but to use it in his line of work and Sean uses social media like a true geek – because he loves talking about tech on his free time too.

Right click this link to download the mp3 file


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